Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sun Beta's Java 5 Exam

Sun is offering the Beta version of the Java Certified Programmer exam for Java 5.0 through February 13, 2005 for the bargain price of $49. It is over twice as long as the standard exam, but if you pass you get full certification and bragging rights as a JCP on Java 5. You can also be the first on your block to have the Java 5 cert.

Even if you don't pass, you can look at it as a 5 hour and 15 minute 166 question practice test for around $50 bucks. Plus you get to help Sun fine tune the exam before it goes to primetime.

Here is a Sun blog entry describing the beta and another link with more information

Go register now through Prometric it is Sun's test number 311-055.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all.

I hope everyone has big plans for the coming year. Just be sure you haven't gotten too comfortable where you are in life. You should never stop learning, never stop enjoying new experiences, and never stop having fun. Life is way too short to just sit there comfortable in your situation.

Hopefully this year I will be adding lots of new technical content, so stay tuned. If you are in the Java fold, the JavaOne Call for Papers is now open. Get your submissions in before the 1/31/2005 deadline.

Also, 2004 is over. The W2's and other tax documents should start pouring in. If you are going to be owed a refund, file as soon as possible. Uncle Sam has been partying on your excess tax money all year, so be sure and get it back. You need it more than the government anyway, they'll just spend it.